10 Collectibles That Almost Always Become More Valuable

10 Collectibles That Almost Always Become More Valuable
You may not know about the collectability of sneakers, but there is a massive resale market for them. In fact, people are trading sneakers much like they trade stocks, and values will only go up as time passes. Of course, not every sneaker is going to be a …
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COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: Box Break and Review of 2017 Topps WWE Undisputed
Autographed Shirt Relics: Braun Strowman (base, 99), Kalisto (Green, 25), Kalisto (Gold, 10) Base Autographs (numbered to 199): Edge, Dean Ambrose, Naomi Bronze Autographs (numbered to 99): Sasha Banks, Chris Jericho Silver Autographs (numbered to 50 …
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Davy Jones, Monkees collectibles will rise in value after singer’s death: ‘Antiques Roadshow’ appraiser
That dusty Monkees lunchbox in your attic still won’t put both your kids through college, but yes, says a pop culture collectibles expert, the death of Davy Jones might make this a good time to cash in on it. Gary Sohmers, long-time appraiser on PBS …
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