11 Most Criminally Underrated Metal Guitarists

music11 Most Criminally Underrated Metal Guitarists
For this list, we tried to pick guitarists from incredibly influential metal acts from all sub genres, but shredders who don’t tend to get the praise their bands or bandmates do. None of these guitarists are household names when perhaps they should be …
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This Dude Has Recorded ‘Get Lucky’ In The Style Of 10 Legendary Guitarists
Remember when we told you about the guy who recorded Adele’s ‘Hello’ is the style of 25 different musicians? Sure you do. Well, it perhaps proved inspiration for guitarist André Valter of Portuguese rock group David Antunes & The Midnight Band, who has …
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The Top Ten Best Rock Guitarists of All Time
We haven’t seen a true guitar hero for quite some time. Maybe I’m too old, but it seems like music has been changing since the 1980s, and even the hardest rocking bands don’t give enough credit to their guitarists. After MTV broke onto the scene, bands …
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