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cusineBeyond sushi
The Osaka-based chain, making its debut in Hong Kong, has 14 branches in Japan and three others overseas – in the United States and Malaysia. “It is part of our five-year strategic growth plan to develop our presence in the Japanese food market in Hong …
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Sushi Chef Fired For Making A Stand Against NYC DOH Gloves Rule
Have they noticed that people weren’t dropping dead from sushi? And that in Japan, where no one would dream of making sushi with plastic gloves (yuck!), there’s no mass epidemic of “sushi sickness”. Total ignorant xenophobic idiocy of the first order.
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Amity Township manager retiring after 12 years
His dealings with Japanese businessmen introduced him to new foods, too, Lyon said. “I was probably one of the first people to eat sashimi and sushi on a regular basis,” he said. Eventually U.S. Seating Company went bankrupt. After working other jobs …
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