Chilean Wines: Sometimes We Need to Embrace Discomfort to Promote Diversity

Chilean Wines: Sometimes We Need to Embrace Discomfort to Promote Diversity
When I first started learning about, and seriously tasting, wine, my universe centered around European regions. This is actually very common for people living in New York City. Our proximity to Italy, France and Spain, as well as the exposure to the …

Energy Geologist Turned Italian Wine Guru Brings His Flair to Texas
individuals who love wine as much as I do, who live to taste. You’ll appreciate their insight, and I hope you’ll learn something from them as well. A few months ago I attended a tasting party at a home in Houston that could have just as easily been …
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Sannino Vineyard 2014 Merlot is our Wine of the Week
If you’re a long-time Long Island wine lover, you may remember Ternhaven Cellars, Harold Watts’ old winery with tasting room in Greenport. Back in the mid-2000s, Watts sold his five-acre Cutchogue vineyard to Lisa and Anthony Sannino of Sannino Vineyard.


A Visual Tour Of The Best Restaurants From ‘The Sopranos’

A Visual Tour Of The Best Restaurants From ‘The Sopranos’
To say The Sopranos was anchored around food would be an understatement. Every episode of the long-running HBO series (which is available to stream anytime on HBO Now) had at least one or two scenes staged in restaurants, delis, diners, clubs, or kitchens.
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Japanese restaurants serving terrific tempura on Long Island
Otherwise, click Subscribe to create a new Newsday account. A big hit from the Japanese fry basket is tempura, wherein chicken, seafood and/or vegetables are dipped in batter and deep-fried to a fluffy crunch. These local restaurants serve tempura worthy …
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Slicing Costs, and Still Serving
You see them all across the country, in shopping malls and street corners, suburban towns and city centers: zombie restaurants. Many of the undead are part of familiar chains that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this year: Friendly’s …
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Latest Vegetarian News

Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine
My guy and I walk into Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine on a sunny spring day, looking for a reward. After a two hour hike through the Don Valley trail system, I have mud on my mary-janes, birdsong in my ears and a rumbling hunger in my belly. Green Earth …
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Vegetarian and Kosher
Q. Is all vegetarian food kosher? A. Unfortunately, supposed vegetarian food is sometimes not even vegetarian. Restaurants, pizza shops and fast food outlets which focus on meat (obviously t’refah i.e. unkosher) often purport to offer vegetarian options …
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IIT-Bombay’s new rule of eating non-vegetarian meals in separate plates due to ‘religious concerns’ irks students
IIT-Bombay has made a new rule in its canteen. Non-vegetarian students have been slapped with a rule to eat meat in small sized plastic trays rather than in the regular hostel’s steel plates. The directive came by a student council who was in charge of …
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Special Request: House dressing highlights Anthonino’s Italian-Greek fusion

Special Request: House dressing highlights Anthonino’s Italian-Greek fusion
Beth Lauver, St. Louis A • If the films “Big Night” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” opened a restaurant on the Hill in St. Louis, it might resemble the family-friendly atmosphere and convivial comfort food at Anthonino’s Taverna. The restaurant …
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Eat out: Emirati fusion food
Among wooden floors and faux fish skeletons chef Khuloud Atiq served her five-course meal to visitors at the Monte Carlo Beach Club’s Le Deck restaurant giving foodies a glimpse in the past and future of Emirati cuisine. For her Emirati Fusion Dinner …
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Masala Mafia Pasta, anyone?
The Indian palate recognises no boundaries, gastronomic or political. Urban India is gleefully infusing Italian pastas, Mexican enchiladas, cheesecakes and pizzas with the familiarity of a desi tadka. Local fare is getting that extra, albeit sometimes …
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Latest Vegan Foods News

PICS: This Lovely New Vegan Cafe Beside Phoenix Park Is A Must-Try For The Weekend
Whether you’re trying your hand at Veganuary, are a fully fledged member of the #plantlife or just love simply amazing food (hear hear!) then you have got to check out a new 100% vegan cafe in Dublin 7. The Planted Bean is located just beside Phoenix Park …
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Asda has launched a cheap vegan lunch range and it looks delicious
Whether you’re a full-time vegan or just trying a meat-free diet for Veganuary, Asda has got you covered. There are more than three times as many vegans as there were a decade ago and if you’re taking part in the January campaign or considering a permanent …
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People are buzzing over Goodfella’s new vegan pizzas
The toppings do sound fairly tasty – falafel, red peppers, spinach, onion and spicy harissa sauce will all feature – which will hopeful make your lazy Friday evening dinner a little bit easier if you’re trying to stick to a vegan diet or just can’t deal …


Warm up with soups

Warm up with soups
Baby its cold outside and on days like these, besides hot cocoa, nothing warms you up like hot soup. And homemade soups give you the option of using the best ingredients – with no fillers, additives, refined sugars or preservatives. Plus these soups will …
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Life with Moxie: Comfort soups for chilly days
“If you feel all damp and lonely like a mushroom, find the thick, creamy soup of joyfulness and just dive into it in order to make life tastier” ― Munia Khan Comfort food is often craved when we are feeling under the weather or the weather itself is …
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Weather calls for warming soups
Good-tasting homemade soups made from 1930s recipes in the Jackson Center Presbyterian Church cookbook meet the right needs for warmth to counter this Arctic-type weather our community has been experiencing. Several then-young women of the church compiled …
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Neighborhood Eats: Cilantro Mexican Fusion Food Truck

Neighborhood Eats: Cilantro Mexican Fusion Food Truck
SAN ANTONIO – Destiny started in the kitchen for Carlos Gallardo. His professional journey has kept him in the same place but not the same position. He went from restaurant employee to business owner five years ago. “I didn’t choose but it chose me …
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Chef’s fusion cuisine stirs confusion among Jews
LOS ANGELES (RNS) Ilan Hall received his first piece of hate mail a couple of weeks ago. The writer expressed disgust with the chef’s sacrilegious take on Jewish cuisine, specifically Hall’s decidedly unkosher matzo balls wrapped in bacon. But for the 27 …
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Madrid Fusion Manila reignites Pinoy appetite for great food
“The whole concept behind Madrid Fusión Manila is to get the best in the culinary arts to come to Manila, share their knowledge, and learn from our local culinary chefs at the same time,” said Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. “Not only are we …
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Latest Restaurants News

Best of Long Island restaurants
Otherwise, click Subscribe to create a new Newsday account. RestaurantsLifestyle From burgers to breakfast, lobster to Latin, here are the best restaurants on Long Island, organized alphabetically by category. Happy eating! guide Restaurants Top spots for …
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Are vegan restaurants automatically kosher?
A vegan restaurant would not have a hard time getting kosher certification. However, as long as there is no such certification one should not eat there. There are many reasons why a strictly vegan establishment requires kosher certification. Here are a few …
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The Best Way to Find Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants Nearby
Perhaps you’ve taken on veganism, whether to improve your health or simply to do your part in sparing the inhumane treatment of animals. Either way, veganism isn’t just a fad anymore, and there are enough resources around to help you start a vegan diet.
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These Everyday Foods Might Be Harmful For Your Kidney – Diet Plan For Healthy Kidney

These Everyday Foods Might Be Harmful For Your Kidney-Diet Plan For Healthy Kidney
Foods are the indispensable part of our life. Food is not only just the fuel that makes your body run but at the same time foods are the building blocks for your cells. Food can affect your health in a significant way as you regular diet habit determines …

Stonewall Kitchen Completes Acquisition of Tillen Farms®; Vision to Create Premier Specialty Food Platform
YORK, Maine, January 12, 2018 – Stonewall Kitchen, a leading specialty food manufacturer, marketer and retailer, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of the Tillen Farms brand of premium cocktail garnishes, including uniquely-crisp …
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Dr. Oz Show Today: New Healthy Food Trends for 2018
Doctor Oz, 1/12/2018, showcases new healthy food trends to help cut the carbs and give new ways to get nutrients and vitamins. Oz is always talking about substitutes for favorite “bad” foods but the real problem for the average person is that these …
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Nine Sacramento craft beers you really ought to taste

Nine Sacramento craft beers you really ought to taste
If you’ve come across my Twitter feed lately, you already know I’ve had some superb beers from multiple sources. I encourage you to give some or all of these a try: Denali Pale Ale, New Helvetia: The folks at New Helvetia were excited about these …
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You can’t buy America’s most popular craft beer in Texas
Montana lawmakers in February defeated a proposal to allow craft brewers with a tasting room to raise production from 10,000 to 60,000 barrels annually. They defeated another bill that would have allowed brewers to own up to three retail licenses.
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Craft beers brewing up a storm
THE craft beer industry in Ireland is thriving in a time of national recession. Over half of the country’s existing 37 breweries and cider makers have been set up since 2009. But they are backed with a tradition of craft brewing that is embedded in the …
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