Are Video Games the New Great Medium for Telling Stories?

Are Video Games the New Great Medium for Telling Stories?
Since time began, people have used storytelling in order to achieve one of our primary goals, that of survival. It’s funny, isn’t it? We use stories to entertain, but we also use them to teach us how to live. Imagine the dawn of civilization: one person …
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Let kids be kids, let them play video games
I could tell you about the educational benefits for your children of playing video games . For instance, it improves reaction time, hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, and even social and negotiating skills when your children buy and sell virtual …
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Study: Violent Video Games Linked To Decreasing Crime Rates
A recent study indicates that video games may be keeping young Americans from committing crime, even when those games are particularly violent. Several laboratory studies and analyses have focused on the possible ways in which exposure to violent video …
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California mudslides are a reminder of Colorado’s vulnerability
The images coming out of Santa Barbara County last week were awful. Having already endured the largest wildfire in recorded history in California, residents then faced fast moving debris flows, with mud and boulders and trees crashing through their …
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U.K. Dec. Inflation Rate Falls to 3%, Matching Median Estimates – Presented by: The Aol. On Network
Jan.16 — Larry Hatheway, Gam Group chief economist and head of investment solutions, discusses the U.K. CPI data report with Francine Lacqua on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Please disable your ad blocker (or update your settings to ensure that javascript and …
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These Are the Scariest American Weapons That Donald Trump Could Use Against North Korea
North Korea has stepped up its nuclear program in recent years. And many Americans think that the insular nation just might end up launching a nuclear weapon. Donald Trump hasn’t shown a lot of restraint in talking about North Korea, and has become the …
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Easy Tips For Antiquing

Easy Tips For Antiquing
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Taylor Swift Goes Antiquing In Paris [PHOTOS]
Enjoying some downtime, Taylor Swift and her mother were out an about in Paris today doing a little shopping. Not for fashion, but for antiques at Louvre des Antiquaires. The singer appeared to have found something she liked as one of her assistants …
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Best Places For Antiquing In Sacramento
The Antique Company is in a large building that houses an assortment of furniture from the 1880s to the 1940s. Here you can find items like mirrors and frames to hang in your home or dive into the collection of statues and figurines to display on a mantle …
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Review : Heartbreak House, Union Theatre

REVIEW: Heartbreak House, Union Theatre
Of all the plays George Bernard Shaw wrote, one certainly found its place in the hearts and minds of the Soviets: this one. It’s not hard to see why. Much in the manner of Bulgarkov, and Chekov before him, in this simple story of a country house …
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Vidya Balan: Film audience no longer feels the need to go to a theatre to watch a star
Vidya Balan is an actor who is known to pick projects with strong scripts and characters than look for commercial success. And she agrees that in today’s times, even when Bollywood actors still enjoy a demigod status among fans, film audiences largely …

Theatre goes to nature
Come mid-December, in a clearing within a moderately dense forest of Sal trees, an unusual four-day annual theatre festival quite appropriately titled Under the Sal Tree takes hold of both locals and visitors to the otherwise sleepy hamlet of Rampur in …
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Asia’s Wildlife Trade
2010/01/asian-wildlife/img/08-orphan-orangutan-714.jpg /2010/01/asian-wildlife/img/wildlife-60-08.jpg Photograph by Mark Leong /2010/01/asian-wildlife/img/09-lorises-714.jpg /2010/01/asian-wildlife/img …
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Wildlife Watch
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Don’t Destroy Nature: How to Be a Considerate Wildlife Enthusiast
Visiting a wildlife sanctuary is a thrilling experience, for newbies and seasoned wildlife enthusiasts alike. The joy of seeing animals laze around, and exhibit natural behaviour in their habitats is genuinely gratifying. Wildlife sanctuaries are a far cry …
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The Genius of Photography

The Genius of Photography
In the course of our 170 year relationship, photography has delighted us, served us, moved us, outraged us and occasionally disappointed us. But mainly, it has intrigued us by showing the secret strangeness that lies beneath the world of appearances.
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landscape photography
On February 20, 1902, the famous western photographer, Ansel Adams, was born in San Francisco. Adams’s dramatic black and white images of Yosemite and the West are some of the most widely recognized and admired photographs of the 20th century. “At one …
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How To Take Insta-Worthy Shots Of Your House Plants
paired with some of our favorite uploads from the collective. Click on for a photography masterclass to make your succulent stash look like a million bucks. Brace yourself for a ton of likes.
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Old-time television brings a certain nostalgia

Old-time television brings a certain nostalgia
I grew up in the era of classic, they-don’t-make-them-like-that-anymore television shows. Of course this is my opinion. But who can argue with the iconic status of the Brady Bunch, Little House on the Prairie, Carol Burnett, Love Boat and Fantasy Island?

At Television Critics Association Meeting in Pasadena, Disney’s Deal with Fox is All the Buzz
Executives at Fox, the TV content producer, said Thursday during the Television Critics Association Meeting at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena it would be “business as usual” for many of their assets in the next year and a half as Disney …
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Kricket announces second opening at television centre in White City, London
Kricket have announced that it has concluded agreements with Stanhope to open a new permanent restaurant in summer 2018 at Television Centre, the former home of the BBC in White City, West London. Having run a successful site inside one of Pop Brixton’s …


A stargazing night at the end of a day of fun at Virar

A stargazing night at the end of a day of fun at Virar
A clear sky full of stars is always a thing of beauty, always bringing back memories of the first introduction to the heavenly bodies A clear sky full of stars is always a thing of beauty, always bringing back memories of the first introduction to the …
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ECCC astronomy group hosts star viewing Saturday
This weekend, people can see a bright star suddenly disappear from the sky before their very eyes, and East Central Community College’s Engineering Club’s Astronomy Group will hold a star viewing for those interested. On Saturday evening, March 4 …
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Did our first known interstellar visitor come from a dead star?
Late last year, an asteroid was discovered on a very unusual orbit: It was moving far too rapidly to be a member of our own solar system. Once enough observations were in, it became very clear that this was an object that came from another star, deep in …


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Tips for Family Safety
Whether you live in an apartment building, cul-de-sac or the countryside, make it a point to get to know your neighbors. Building these relationships isn’t only neighborly, but can help keep you safe. Not only can you have a stronger community of people to …

Here’s what 12 Wall Street pros are predicting for the stock market in 2018
Almost no one is bearish. This year is poised to be one of the most profitable for the S&P 500 in this bull market, now entering its ninth year, with a double-digit gain. And all the lead strategists at top Wall Street firms expect many of the same …

Drake Performed at Snapchat’s Million New Year’s Party
Drake was the star performer at social media giant Snapchat’s top-secret company party in Los Angeles on Sunday night (31Dec17). Attendees were reportedly bound to strict secrecy, with employees told not to share any photos and the Snapchat app blocking …


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Wellhaven column: Promoting active lifestyles and independence
Wellhaven is integrated to accommodate both independent and assisted living — and designed to promote independence and active lifestyles. With a strong history in our community, Wellhaven has been the choice of housing for those who want to stay active …
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Strait On: America’s Changing Lifestyles – Part 2; World War II to Korea
A day that will live in infamy Photo source: www.wikipedia.comOn August 12, 1942, looking haggard, with his hair flopping in his face and a sad look in his eyes, Clark Gable was sworn into service to the United States Army, wearing the same suit he had …
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Senior Lifestyles: Christmas came early
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What a joyous time of year for both young and young at heart. People are happier and seem to be even friendlier, and that’s delightful. By the time you read this, I will have returned from visiting my son, daughter-in …
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