Latest Exploration News

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The hunt for new stores of oil and gas has been dramatically curtailed amid a global crude slump, with exploration budgets at the largest oil companies expected to tumble 50 percent next year from their peak levels in 2013, according to a new analysis.
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Nevada Mining Exploration battered by withdrawals, sage grouse, bonding hikes
RENO, Nevada–A gathering storm of proposed federal land withdrawals including proposed sage grouse habitat, as well as stiffer mining bonding requirements under consideration by federal regulators is wreaking havoc on dwindling U.S. exploration programs.
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ES.240 Composing Your Life: Exploration of Self through Visual Arts and Writing
In this interdisciplinary seminar, we explore a variety of visual and written tools for self exploration and self expression. Through discussion, written assignments, and directed exercises, students practice utilizing a variety of media to explore and …


Latest Antiquing News

Antiquing a Mirror
A couple of years ago I did a post on How to Antique a Mirror. It’s a pretty bad post I’ll admit but it’s been super popular on Pinterest. I’ve been meaning to antique another mirror for the longest time and do an updated post and I finally had …

Textured Pendant and Earrings Jewelry Set
A necklace and matching earrings are the perfect best friend jewelry set! Hand cut textured brass layered with an antiquing patina is the basis for the triangle necklace set. Rhinestones drops were added to both the necklace and earrings. The triangle …

San Antonio restaurant of the year, top chef revealed at Tastemakers
Recently, we’ve introduced you to the top restaurant talent in San Antonio as part of our 2017 Tastemaker Awards. These outstanding nominees, selected by an expert panel of judges, represent the very best of San Antonio’s food scene. On Wednesday night …


Parents Television Council wants to sink ‘Adult Swim’

Parents Television Council wants to sink ‘Adult Swim’
It’s a free country, so if you don’t like what you’re watching, change the damn channel. That’s a message for the Parents Television Council, the watchdog group that has unleashed its latest barrage of hysterical attacks. Usually these are reserved …
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Samsung ‘The Frame’ Television
The world of televisions is one of the most competitive consumer markets and the leading technological brands are always endeavouring to outdo one another with new, advanced ideas. Well, Samsung, have gone the other way with it and stripped things back to …

The X-Files May Return to Television
FOX is in early talks to bring back The X-Files. Dana Walden and Gary Newman, co-chairmen and CEOs of FOX Television Group revealed at today’s TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour. IGN was able to follow-up with Walden with a small group of …
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Getting personal with your pets: Manlius Vet makes house calls

Getting personal with your pets: Manlius Vet makes house calls
Central New York now has a veterinarian that’s making house calls. If you want to avoid the stress of going to see the vet, Dr. John Shokoff will come to you. Armed with his office on wheels, Shokoff owns All Pets Veterinary Home Care, which provides the …
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Topical non-pharmaceutical cosmetic, personal and pet care products with chiral technology and methods of formulating and manufacturing the same
Title: Topical non-pharmaceutical cosmetic, personal and pet care products with chiral technology and methods of formulating and manufacturing the same. Abstract: As disclosed herein, a series of compounds that are not generally intended for …

P&G sharpens focus on personal care and household by exiting pet care
Procter & Gamble has exited the pet food category with the sale of the final 10% stake of its remaining interest to consumer products company Spectrum Brand Holdings. The deal will see Spectrum take over the IAMS and Eukanuba brands in Europe for an …
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Latest Transportation News

How corporate transportation is booming in India
Blurb: With the limitations that public transport options in busy metros pose for those working late nights, corporate transportation has become the norm for safe commuting. The corporate employee transportation ecosystem is truly booming in India, thanks …

Here’s what IoT will do for transportation
The Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically accelerating the pace of innovation in the transportation industry—especially the cars and trucks we drive every day. And when you apply the laws that have been driving technology innovation for decades …
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Getting transportation funding moving again
While presidential candidates spend much of their time debating, interviewing and positioning themselves on the issues, Casey Dinges thinks their silence on one topic is deafening. “With or without the media, our nation’s candidates need to address the …
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Latest Hobbies News

4 Hobbies That Could Get You a Job
In a competitive workplace, your resume needs to stand out enough to get you through the front door. According to statistics from Glassdoor, each corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes on average, with only four to six candidates getting called in for …
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5 Manly Hobbies that Will Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally (Backed by Research)
Want to Increase your Natural Testosterone Production? This Course Teaches You Everything there is to Know about Boosting T-Levels Naturally. There’s way too much estrogen in the modern World, it’s time to fight back with some testosterone raising hobbies.

Hobbies: idle pastimes or keys to science engagement?
Collecting and polishing rocks and minerals, hunting for shells and fossils, gardening, birding, keeping freshwater and marine aquariums – this was how I spent my childhood: hopping from one hobby to the next, all centered around the natural (or semi …
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Riparian Buffers for Wildlife

Riparian Buffers for Wildlife
Riparian forests have been severely damaged or removed for many human uses, including agriculture, timber harvesting, development, and recreation. losing these buffers has negatively affected wildlife habitat and water quality throughout the state.

Give Life to Wildlife.
More Canadians coast to coast trust and support the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s efforts to conserve our natural habitats and wildlife. Thanks to you, we are Canada’s largest supporter-based conservation charity. 100% Canadian. #ConserveTheWonder …

Living with Wildlife
Florida’s wildlife and human population are encountering each other more often than ever before. As humans develop more open space and wildlife habitat is reduced and fragmented, encounters between humans and wildlife become more common. For most people …


Evan Sharboneau Trick Photography And Special Effects Review (Ebook FAQ And PDF Download Guide)

Evan Sharboneau Trick Photography And Special Effects Review (Ebook FAQ And PDF Download Guide)
Trick Photography And Special Effects 2 is a digital product and can be downloaded instantly after purchase in PDF (ebook) format or viewed online. The complete system includes PDF guides and video tutorials. Trick Photography And Special Effects 2 is …

Guide to Composition in Photography – 20 Tips
Improve your photographic composition by following these guidelines. There are no unbreakable rules when it comes to how you should compose your photographs After all, who likes rules except for your old school principal or heads of H.R. departments?

50 Inspirational Photography Logos
If you’re a freelance photographer, or are involved in a photo festivals or studio, there’s no shortage of photography logos to inspire you. Though photographers aren’t logo designers, they are creatives with their own style which tends to be …


Latest Celebrities News

Cyber Celebrities Monetize Their Fame With Taobao
Ava Foo is almost famous. Although she has never starred in a blockbuster movie, doesn’t have a hit single to point to, and won’t be competing in this summer’s Olympics, the 29-year-old Shanghai resident has amassed some 320,000 followers on Chinese …

Most dangerous cyber celebrities of 2016
Intel has reeled off the 10 th annual McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities list based on likelihood of getting hit with a virus or malware when searching on the celebs’ names. “Consumers today remain fascinated with celebrity culture and go online to find …
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Should Celebrities Have Privacy? A Response to Jennifer Lawrence
In a recent AP story, actress Jennifer Lawrence had some rather extensive and passionate quotes about her loss of privacy. Not too long ago, Lawrence’s nude photos were stolen and leaked on the Internet by a hacker who hacked into her iCloud account.


46 State Fairs and What Makes Them Special

46 State Fairs and What Makes Them Special
One of the most quintessentially American traditions of all is the State Fair. New Englander Elkanah Watson is credited with creating the first agricultural fair in the U.S.: the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Cattle Show in 1811, which exhibited animals and …

Oregon County Fairs Evolve Traditions To Attract Attendees
Janeen Kressly nervously climbed up to a platform atop a monster truck, 20 feet above the ground. The truck, a main attraction at the Malheur County Fair, was painted as an American flag. The engine roared to life. Kressly tightened her seat belt and …
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Grants could mean big improvements for Michigan county fairs
Julia Arian had to look hard to find great food the last time she visited a county fair. “There was only one dingy shelter that had a line that stretched out of the door serving food,” said Arian, a longtime fair enthusiast from Lansing, Michigan.
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