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Free movies on YouTube
Tired of watching clinically insane people do stupid things on YouTube? Horrified that this is the future of our society? Well Sony Pictures is helping diversify the content on YouTube. According to Bloomberg (the website not the mayor), Sony is in talks …
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Talking Movies
Tom Brook is a New York-based journalist who has reported on film and the movie industry for BBC News since 1985. He has presented Talking Movies on BBC World News since 1999. His regular column, The Reel World, also appears in BBC Culture. Talking Movies …
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2017 horror movies
Long-delayed eighth film in the gory horror series is a sequel, NOT a reboot. With the success of ‘Get Out’ and ‘Split,’ and the likelihood of ‘It’ becoming a box office smash, horror cinema seems to be seeing a resurgence in critical and …
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The Best Places In The World To Cycle Include Scotland

The Best Places In The World To Cycle Include Scotland
“If you travel south through Argentina you’ve got the Pampas which is about 2,000 miles of grasslands. It’s some of the most boring cycling in the world and it’s relentlessly windy, but you’re rewarded by getting down to the city of Ushuaia on …

Festivals of the Dead Around the World
The Celts believed that the night before Samhain, spirits from the other world came and destroyed vegetation with their breath, leaving the land barren for winter. People would leave food and wine on their doorsteps to appease the spirits, and wear masks …

50 most visited tourist attractions in the world
Americans love to travel, but they prefer to stick within their own borders. B) Wherever Mickey Mouse goes, he conquers. C) Paris is the unofficial cultural theme park of the world. And D) Niagara Falls isn’t just for lovers anymore. But the list also …
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Luxury and Exotic Cars
The Geneva motor show has given Europe’s car producers a chance to show off their plans for even more luxury vehicles and prestige brands. Although the top end of the car business has remained lucrative, a proliferation of posh models is starting to …
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Free Car Maintenance From U.S. Luxury Models
When you’re shopping for a new car, of course you compare models for price, incentives and gas mileage. But how about the cost of routine maintenance, which, according to, can total $ 1,000 over four years? Turns out, you can now avoid …
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Luxury Cars of the New York Auto Show
As part of our ongoing efforts to make better, faster, and easier for you to use, we’ve temporarily removed comments as well as the ability to comment. We’re testing and reviewing options to possibly bring comments back. As always …
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Pokémon drove 27.8% growth in collectibles sales for GameStop last quarter
Gaming sales are slowing down at GameStop, but the company is quickly transitioning into a one-stop shop for hardcore enthusiasts who want more than just the games. GameStop‘s collectibles business rose to $ 212.4 million last quarter, which is a year …
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Mayer museum closed for good, collectibles to be auctioned off in Glendale
GLENDALE, AZ – Items from a historic Arizona museum are up for auction after it was forced to close due to recent flooding. EJ’s Auction and Consignment in Glendale, near 59th Avenue and Bell Road, will have several collectibles from Smitty’s Antiques …
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Race To Comic Shops For September’s DC Collectibles
Capture The Joker in all his villainous complexity! Choose from eight different head expressions that range from deliriously happy to seriously deranged as well as five pairs of hands, trademark weaponry, a duck floaty toy and a trench coat that makes a …


JustSpotted: Website Stalks Celebrities In Real-time

JustSpotted: Website Stalks Celebrities In Real-time
Knowing what your favorite celebrity is up to at any given moment will get easier next Tuesday when JustSpotted, a near real-time celebrity stalking site launches. Created by Scoopler–makers of a now defunct real-time search engine–JustSpotted aggregates …
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11 pregnant celebrities who’ve posed nude
Expectant mom Jessica Simpson got everyone’s attention this week when she stripped down for the cover of Elle magazine, showing off her beautiful bump. The 31-year-old singer may be the latest pregnant celeb to go nude, but she certainly isn’t the first.
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Baby-Faced Celebrities Who Are Actually in Their 40s
There’s something in the water in Hollywood, because the concept of aging — wrinkles, gray hairs, and finally letting yourself eat cheesecake — is nonexistent. While us mere mortals can’t fight crow’s feet to save our lives, these 18 celebrities …
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Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Utah

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Utah
JUDY WOODRUFF: And now to another in our Brief But Spectacular series. Tonight, we hear from Janet Iwasa, an assistant professor of biochemistry at the University of Utah, who is trying to increase the public’s understanding of science at a molecular level …
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VERIFY: Can solar users access panels when power grid is out?
It’s been the topic of multiple headlines across the web, a question of whether solar panel users can access their panels when the power grid is out. Some sites even claim that the owners are unable to use their solar power because of state regulations …
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Fiery end to 20-year Saturn mission
It is mission accomplished for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. After spending 20 years exploring Saturn and its moons, its space odyssey has come to an end. In a dramatic finale, the probe plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere. It is mission accomplished for NASA’s …
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History-making Hurricane Maria could break more records

History-making Hurricane Maria could break more records
WASHINGTON (WUSA9) – As the second Category 5 hurricane of the season after Irma, Maria has made 2017 only the sixth time that the Atlantic Ocean has had two or more such storms in a given year. The last time two Category 5 hurricanes occurred in the same …
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More Snow Expected in Parts of Northern Rockies This Week
Another early-season snowfall is forecast in the northern Rockies this week. The higher elevations of Idaho, southwest Montana and northwest Wyoming may receive a foot or more of snow. Snow is piling up in parts of the northern Rockies again this week …
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Twitter Users Photoshopped Beyoncé To Be A White Woman Because They Think She Would Be ‘More Beautiful’
The internet, resourceful as it is, has a nasty underbelly where people’s most abhorrent tendencies fester by connecting with other heinous, like-minded individuals. We previously reported on the disturbing trend of people stealing photos from mothers …
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Game wardens in boating accident

Game wardens in boating accident
Investigations are ongoing into a boating accident involving game Wardens, which reportedly occurred at the Caroni Swamp on Friday afternoon. The Express was reliably informed that the accident left one person hospitalised and two others nursing injuries.
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Operation Dry Water: Alcohol Boating Patrols
Summer is officially underway, bringing outdoor activities such as boating back in season. While people are out enjoying the water, authorities want to make sure they’re boating responsibly. Jim VandeBrake, his wife and kids are heading to the dock to …
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Hancock Creek boating access area to reopen
Hancock Creek boating access area (Photo courtesy of NC Wildlife Resources Commission) Hancock Creek boating access area (Photo courtesy of NC Wildlife Resources Commission) HAVELOCK, Craven County – Following renovations, the North Carolina Wildlife …


Trump: I don’t want celebrities at the inauguration

Trump: I don’t want celebrities at the inauguration
President-elect Donald Trump claims he doesn’t want celebrities at his inauguration, tweeting Thursday night that he wants “the people” to attend the event instead. “The so-called “A” list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but …
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Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Republicans
If you’re a celebrity, odds are that you are a rank-and-file Democrat. Rumor is that you haven’t earned your “Official Member of Hollywood Elite” card until you’ve been invited to one of George Clooney‘s Democratic fundraisers. But there are a …
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Celebrities React to Brussels Terrorist Attacks
It has been reported that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Brussels. According to an ISIS-affiliated website, ISIS “carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices” in “the Belgian capital Brussels, a country …
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Latest Star Gazing News

Celestial-inspired meals bring the universe to the table
Celestial-inspired meals bring the universe to the table Featuring premier stargazing experiences, restaurants in prime constellation-viewing locations now offer celestial-inspired dinners with on-site astronomers, telescopes — and even glow-in-the-dark …
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Stargazing event begins Friday
GRANTSVILLE — Calhoun County isn’t afraid of the dark. In fact, local officials are embracing it as a tool for economic development. Without the bright lights of an urban setting, Calhoun Park off West Virginia 16 outside of Grantsville has one of the …
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Meteor shower is perfect stargazing opportunity for campers
An upcoming meteor shower is the perfect opportunity for campers to kick back, roast some s’mores and stargaze. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources invites visitors and campers to catch a view of the Perseid meteor shower during “Meteors & S …
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