Exotic Car Festival

TrendsExotic Car Festival
Unlike many car shows, the Sarasota Exotic Car Festival goes beyond merely showing off these supercharged beauties and extends the fun into three days of events. Friday night is a “Luxury Lifestyle” reception at the Rectrix Aerodrome to benefit United …
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Exotic Car Buyer’s Guide 2017 Preview
Another year and another amazing lineup of exotic and luxury cars from automakers from all over the world. Whether you’re interested in precision German engineering, raw Swedish power or American muscle, the 2017 Exotic Car Buyers Guide lays out all of …
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Tesla Model S is now the best-selling luxury car – with an asterisk
What’s the best-selling high-end luxury car in the US? If you guess the big BMW, Lexus or Mercedes- Benz sedan, you’d be close to correct. But the top seller actually appears to be the Tesla Model S electric car, with 4,750 sales in the US for the …
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