Healthy fusion food: Quinoa Tabbouleh?

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Healthy fusion food: Quinoa Tabbouleh?
By adding quinoa to the Tabbouleh, the fusion between Arabic cuisine and trendy health foods is quite clear! Similarly, a juice shop in Amman also offers a smoothie made of dates, almond milk, and bananas. Dates are an essential part of Arabic culture.
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I am excited to start this column with a nod to our favorite city and the knowledge that my Bostonian friends will agree with me that Jalapeno Poppah Aappa is a totally wicked appetizah! This fusion dish is my attempt to create a healthy, vegetarian …
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Right or wrong, there’s a sense that Pok Pok lacks hospitality, that the stern paternalistic voice on the FAQ page of the restaurant’s website (“We do not make ‘fusion’ food here; everything has been researched, eaten and/or prepared in the country of …
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