How do you save a sick coral reef? Pop an antacid

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????How do you save a sick coral reef? Pop an antacid
To tease out the effect of acidification, scientists led by Rebecca Albright of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California, set out to restore ocean chemistry to its preindustrial state at the One Tree Reef in the southern Great …
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Scientists identify molecular link between sleep and mood
A poor night’s sleep is enough to put anyone in a bad mood, and although scientists have long suspected a link between mood and sleep, the molecular basis of this connection remained a mystery. Now, new research has found several rare genetic …
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‘Selfish’ DNA flouts rules of inheritance
But it’s also a cautionary tale for scientists looking for signs that natural selection has picked certain genes because they offer an evolutionary benefit. If researchers aren’t careful, they may be hoodwinked into thinking that a selfish gene is one …
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