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Jane’s Addiction Ushered in the Alternative-Rock Era and Continues at Riot Fest
When Jane’s Addiction released its debut studio album, Nothing’s Shocking, in 1988, it was a watershed moment in what came to be called alternative rock, though at the time, there wasn’t such a clumsy genre tag for it. Still, Jane’s Addiction didn’t really …
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Alternative rock returns to 101.1 FM
Alternative rock reclaimed its longtime home on 101.1 FM this morning, offering a rude awakening for some listeners, and relief for its long-suffering fans. The station, which had been programming adult hits, flipped the switch Friday morning, bringing …
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Alternative Rock
In the early `80s, something called “alternative rock“ was born, and the rest of the pop-music universe pretty much ignored it — until now. The “alternative“ label originally applied to underground rock bands that were aggressively anti-commercial in …
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