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Commercial brewing vs. homebrewing
This week, Chad and Ben wrote about the fun they had at the Shmaltz Brewing Company grand opening party. I, too, was there, but instead of writing about beers and such, I’ll tell you about thoughts sparked by the event. First, I want to share a link to a …
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Colorado brewery supercharges Perrin Brewing’s rise
COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. — A young brewery here that pioneered the grapefruit IPA and created a top-flight imperial porter has experienced supercharged growth since Colorado’s second-largest craft brewery acquired it. Randy Perrin co-founded Perrin …
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Burnt City Brewing blossoms from the ashes of Atlas Brewing
Atlas Brewing Co. had a problem. Actually, it had two problems. The first was increasingly common in an ever-crowded craft beer industry: a naming dispute. In 2012, a Washington, D.C., brewery called Atlas Brew Works filed paperwork toward trademarking its …
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