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cusineHow Chefs Make Scrambled Eggs This Is How All Your Favorite Chefs Make
One of the most basic recipes everyone learns is scrambled eggs, but the truth is perfectly scrambled eggs are a lot trickier than they seem. Much like the classic omelet, scrambling eggs is one cooking method on which many chefs differ. To whisk in a …
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What Does A Symphony Taste Like? Michelin-Starred Chefs Render Music Into Dishes
Apparently, good music isn’t just food for the soul. It could literally be eaten. Through March 30, a group of Michelin-starred chefs including Manuel Berganza of Andanada 141 and Anthony Sasso of Casa Mono are serving some symphony-inspired dishes in …
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These Foods And Drinks Are On The Downward Trend, Say Chefs Around The Country
Not surprisingly, the chefs had a lot to stay on the subject. Longtime foodie favorites — including kale, Brussels sprouts, and bacon — seemed to fatigue the chefs across the board; while other topics — like the eat local movement — caused more debate.
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