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Racists Win: Country Music Awards Deletes ALL Beyonce Footage
Breaking: the Country Music Awards are now denying the removal of ALL Beyonce mentions from their site, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Co-performers the Dixie Chicks say the CMAs are lying. The show apparently removed the posts after receiving an …
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Country Music and Political Connections
Kurt Campbell is an expert on Asia and security issues who is now chief executive of the Center for a New American Security. He served in the Pentagon in the Clinton administration, in charge of Asia/Pacific issues, and earlier taught at Harvard.
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Post the biggest hit song in your country right now
I’d want to save your ears from the mess , but I truly don’t know which are the biggest shits here ,all of the releases were bad enough for people to drop them and go back to years back stuff….. despacito is the shit here tho even when people don …