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cusineHonoring Corky Clark of the Culinary Institute of America
Which 100 percent was true because the Culinary Institute to me is the hallowed halls of culinary arts. And so I never perceived myself as being good enough to work there,” says Clark. Clark loved his work teaching, though he says it was serendipitous he …
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Recipe for success: Dedication, perseverance, hard work Mallya’s motto
Mallya is fond of exploring new places and has a palate for various cuisines. Food has always remained his only passion, and the love of the culinary arts keeps him engaged most of the time. When quizzed about his passion and his childhood memories …
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K.P. With the Culinary Arts
“There’s no time to practice sugar when you’re deployed,” he said. “But at night I would read Pastry magazine.” Culinary arts — C.A. — have come a long way from a generation ago, when military cooks were branded by the poor food they served, and K.P …
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