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trendStudy Claiming NY Uber Expansion Will Cost Jobs Slammed As Laughable Economics
The latest report accusing Uber of being a jobs killer has been slammed as a “laughable attempt at economics” from a committee threatened by competition. The Committee for Taxi Safety released a report Monday claiming that should Uber expand …
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Review finds economics research is usually not replicable
A sense of crisis is developing in economics after two Federal Reserve economists came to the alarming conclusion that economics research is usually not replicable. The economists took 67 empirical papers from 13 reputable academic journals. Without …
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The ER: Do Your Generals Speak Economics?
This week on The E.R., our contributors talk about what the military knows (and doesn’t know) about economics, what government catchphrases actually mean, and whether to believe the myth of the resource curse — and what should be done about it.
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