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In tight economy, exotic car dealer offers rental option
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to sit behind the steering wheel of a Lamborghini sports car? Well, for a little more than $ 1,200 a day, you can. Lou La Vie, a luxury car rental agency, offers a fleet of flashy or high-end vehicles for rent in South …
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Tesla Model S Is Third Best-Selling Luxury Car In California
As of this year’s first six months, California-based Tesla Motors’ Model S is the third best-selling luxury model in the Golden State. According to the California New Car Dealers Association, the electric car maker sold 4,714 examples of its all …
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Intangible benefits of luxury-car ownership
Andy Lemke didn’t mince words, writing that the difference between luxury and non-luxury vehicles “is nil if you don’t care”. And who’s to argue with that logic? A car that travels safely and smoothly from A to B is a car that delivers on the promise …
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