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The Dangers of Extreme Sports and Other Fascinating News on the Web
Over the past decade, extreme sports have become extremely popular. And so have extreme injuries. Between 2000 and 2011, more than four million injuries were attributed to extreme sports. It’s probably no coincidence that the popularity of streaming video …
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The world’s scariest extreme sports
Among the world’s most dangerous adrenaline sports, cliff diving sees athletes tumble, somersault and twist from insane heights of over 25m. One of the more nerve-jangling challenges can be found at the Blue Lagoon in Wales. This stop on the Red Bull …

8 of the most dangerous adventure sports
When we talk about brain injuries in sports, we talk a lot about football. We mention boxing and mixed martial arts and might talk about repeated head trauma in soccer or hockey, but we mostly talk about football. There’s good reason for that, but that …
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