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cusineFine Dining Is Finally Getting a Casual Makeover
Although “fine casual” isn’t a term that has really caught on yet, growing chains such as Fresh to Order may be doing for fine dining what fast casual did for fast food. But is this a trend that will change the way we look at how fine food is seen and …
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I Got High at a Fine-Dining Cannabis Pop-Up Dinner (Video)
Somewhere between the THC-infused composed plate of curried carrot-confit gnocchi and pea emulsion (paired with the aromatic terpene extract of earthy Blue Dream) and the seared Japanese scallop atop micro-dosed citrus barley (paired with the aromas of …
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Daniel Boulud: On fine dining and why he left Washington
The way Daniel Boulud explains it, he was one personality clash away from becoming a fixture on the D.C. dining scene. Before leaving Washington in the early 1980s, earning four stars at Le Cirque and launching his own New York restaurant empire, Boulud …
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