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Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness is a newly opened gym inside the Galleria Mall at Dupont and Dufferin, the chain’s first Canadian location after enjoying success across the border for many years. With its ‘judgment free’ motto (no body builders or meatheads), and cheap …
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The History of Physical Fitness
Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre. Fitness, as we know it today, seems to be a relatively modern invention – something that started vaguely in the 70s with jogging and Jazzercise. But physical exercise obviously …

Evolution of Fitness Tech: Jazzercise to Fitness Trackers
From exercise TV shows and Wii Fit workouts to smart yoga pants and wearable trackers, fitness tech continues to help make healthy habits a part of everyday life. Today, popular resistance, stretching and cross-training routines are often measured by …