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cusine7 French Food Terms You Should Know
We’re all familiar with the experience of sitting down at a table at a French restaurant after a long wait, scanning the menu and… wait, what’s that? Is it vegetarian? I like all the other things in this dish, but what if this mystery ingredient makes …
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Jellyfish-lamb Hybrid Ends Up as Meat at French Slaughterhouse
However, the lamb in question did not express the gene. The meat was sold to a private individual in October 2014, and that an INRA employee had concealed the sale to the abattoir, the group added. Selling any genetically-modified food in France is …
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TLC’s Vietnamese twist to French cuisine in ‘Luke Nguyen’s France’
MUMBAI: TLC presents a new series with acclaimed Australian-Vietnamese chef Luke Nguyen in Luke Nguyen’s France. Luke is back to continue his culinary adventures – this time, in France. Join him as he explores the land that has shaped the food of his …