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cusineThese foods will make you smarter
“Food really affects the function of the brain,” he notes. “Brain Maker” says our digestive system is the key to making our brain work better and making us healthier. Perlmutter surmises that our brains are dependent on the health of the bacteria in …
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Barry Lewis: Drink up – coffee’s now the hot new ‘health food
And as anyone who has spent any time religiously following a strict healthy regimen, this can be an arduous task. I don’t mean to boast, but the type of daily discipline that’s needed to make sure I drink no less than 10 cups of java has been as …
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FDA To Health Food Companies: The Word ‘Healthy’ Has An Actual Meaning
Kind bars are quite tasty, but are they healthy? Sure, they’re made from ostensibly healthy ingredients like nuts and dried fruit, but some bars also have ingredients like chocolate and peanut butter. The Food and Drug Administration sent the company a …
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