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Healthy Food Is Growing More Expensive than Unhealthy Food: Study
Tech & Science Emails and Alerts – Get the best of Newsweek Tech & Science delivered to your inbox What they found: in 2012, 1000 kcal of “healthy” food cost approximately $ 12, while 1000 kcal of unhealthy food cost only $ 4. And while the mean price of …
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Health Foods that are Dangerous for Your Health
On a recent plane ride to a medical conference, I started a conversation with the man sitting next to me to pass the time. I told him that I was a physician working in the area of nutrition. He exclaimed that the new low-carb craze was a boon for business.

The Healthiest Food in the World
The life of a editor isn’t the flashy existence you might expect. Most days I sit around at a computer starting as early as 4:30 a.m. and still find myself in the same position at 11 at night. My days consist of everything from writing and editing …