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cusineMarino’s Pizza and Pasta House shares tradition of Italian cuisine
City Pasta, sautéed chicken and sausage with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and hot pepper flakes with marinara sauce tossed with penna pasta is shown at Marino’s Pizza and Pasta House in Springettsbury Township. (Paul Kuehnel – FlipSidePa).
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Carlo’s Italian Bistro in Cockeysville is familiar, appealing
In Cockeysville, good Italian food is often found in the most unlikely places. Tucked into nondescript shopping centers here and there, locally owned Italian restaurants offer some of the best meals in the zip code. Carlo’s Italian Bistro is one of …
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Goodfella’s offers great Italian food in relaxed atmosphere
After hearing several positive recommendations, they decided to check out Goodfella’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant, a family-owned business they had passed dozens of times. When they arrived late on a recent Thursday evening, the place was packed.
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