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musicVirtuoso Villarreal debuts solo album
I love all of it,” said Villarreal of his broad musical base that has included membership in such well known regional groups as the Latin ensemble Los Cordobas, jazz fusion combo Freek Johnson and AC/DC tribute act Little Lover, to name a few. “I’ve …

New albums out this week
Pierrick Pédron, “And the” (Jazz Village). A much-respected and prize-laden alto saxophonist who is from France but who has worked with Wynton Marsalis and Mulgrew Miller gives contemporary jazz fusion a fairly good name on his current long-player.
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9th Wonder Explains How J Dilla Changed The Sound of Hip-Hop and Fathered “Neo
But what’s up with the Brazilian Jazz records? What’s up with the German Jazz records, or the Japanese Jazz records?” Again, which is another family tree. Like you said, it was James Brown, James Brown, P-Funk—Soul. Then it turned into Jazz Fusion, Jazz.
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