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trendAn angel on Kauai, touching lives one by one
Some people are born with a mission and purpose. My life has been dedicated to helping people be as healthy as they can be. Simply, I was born to be a fitness trainer and a nutritional coach. I have a new friend who was born to be a beacon of hope to …

KKK brochure misrepresents God: Racism unsupported by the Bible
On Sunday June 21, , The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan distributed brochures throughout neighborhoods in Pryor, Oklahoma, claiming that the organization was “Fighting Today for Your Future Tomorrow.” The brochure is clearly …
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Frankie Meyer: Crowdsourcing helps complete a freed-slave project
“Crowdsourcing” is a method of completing a huge project in a short time through the collaborative efforts of thousands of people. One of the most recent crowdsourcing projects in the genealogy field is the Freedmen’s Bureau Project. The Freedmen’s …
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