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Mediterranean Diet: Good for heart health, easing arthritis
WASHINGTON — Not only is the Mediterranean Diet good for your overall heart health, but studies show it can help with joint pain, too. Sally Squires, writer of the Lean Plate Club blog, says that if you’ve been thinking about transitioning to the …
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Three ways to eat healthy from the new US dietary guidelines
Although the previous installment of the dietary guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2010 also described healthy American, Mediterranean and vegetarian diets, “these guidelines are really focusing on the totality of the diet …
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On a Mediterranean Island, but Far From a Mediterranean Diet
VALLETTA, Malta — The Mediterranean has long been known for its mix of sun, sea, fish, nuts and olives, a combination considered an elixir of health and fitness. An entire industry has emerged to promote a Mediterranean diet that promises to unlock …
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