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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Is the Mediterranean diet good for kids, too?
Scientists have long touted the potential health benefits of a Mediterranean diet for adults, but can the diet offer benefits for little ones, too? “There is no reason why a child could not thrive on a Mediterranean dietary pattern,” said Rachel Johnson, a …
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The Myth of the Mediterranean Diet
If there is one diet myth I am so tired of hearing, it is the so-called health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. It might sound a bit outrageous at first, but please hear me out on this. I don’t think that Mediterranean diet is a very healthy diet.

Telomeres May Slow Aging Process With Mediterranean Diet
Telomeres may slow the aging process and the Mediterranean diet may be the key to doing so. The Mediterranean style diet has been considered the most heart healthy diet for quite some time now. However, it is more of a lifestyle than a diet and a way of …
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