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Free movies on YouTube
Tired of watching clinically insane people do stupid things on YouTube? Horrified that this is the future of our society? Well Sony Pictures is helping diversify the content on YouTube. According to Bloomberg (the website not the mayor), Sony is in talks …
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Talking Movies
Tom Brook is a New York-based journalist who has reported on film and the movie industry for BBC News since 1985. He has presented Talking Movies on BBC World News since 1999. His regular column, The Reel World, also appears in BBC Culture. Talking Movies …
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2017 horror movies
Long-delayed eighth film in the gory horror series is a sequel, NOT a reboot. With the success of ‘Get Out’ and ‘Split,’ and the likelihood of ‘It’ becoming a box office smash, horror cinema seems to be seeing a resurgence in critical and …
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