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trendTalking Business: Little Creek Photography & Design Studios
Currey and her husband, Josh Currey, last year opened Little Creek Photography & Design Studios, a Longview “share studio” that photographers can rent out at hourly or daily rates. “If you love photography or you’re a photographer and you don’t have a …
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7 Questions for an Accidental Pioneer of Street Style Photography
Long before “street style” as we now know it, photographer Jamel Shabazz’s pictures captured a vital slice of urban life, of ’80s New York pre-Broken Windows. His prodigious, matter-of-fact photos are praised in equal measure as both the purview of hip …

Shaking Up Beauty Standards: A Photography Revolution on the Way?
Discovering his love for photography at a very young age, his curiosity led him to the darkroom at the age of ten. He moved from Miami to El Salvador, then Paris, and finally London in 2004. He was the main in-house photographer for Tigi Haicare for 11 …
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