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trendAdolph Reed: Identity Politics Is Neoliberalism
Political scientist and race theorist Adolph Reed has long maintained that identity politics is a form of neoliberalism. In a June article, he explains: [Identity] politics is not an alternative to class politics; it is a class politics, the politics of …

ON POLITICS; Politics in His Blood? Must Be From Jersey City
LAWRENCEVILLE— Nick Acocella was born 60 years ago at the Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital, which Frank Hague had built in Jersey City and then, like a good political boss, had named after his mother. So Mr. Acocella guesses that politics was part of …
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How to Play Clean Office Politics
Most people think that office politics is bad for business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Office politics are an integral part of getting things done, regardless of whether you’re the CEO, a salesperson, or an intern working over the summer.
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