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cusineFacebook video shows you how to make healthy Sushi Cake
1. Dice your salmon into small cubes, then dress with sesame oil and seeds, mix and set aside. 2. Now layer your ‘cake’. Place two sheets of nori at the bottom of a 24cm springform cake tin, trimming the edges to fit the round tin. 4. Now place in half …
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At Koto Sushi Bar with Littler’s Jen Robinson
I ordered Nigiri Sushi B, which includes five pieces of Nigiri sushi (bite-size slabs of raw fish served atop sticky rice), one sushi roll and your choice of miso soup or salad. I started with the salad, which was crisp, cold iceberg lettuce with a few …
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Sushi for beginners in Christchurch
Shimizu held a sushi-making workshop for high school Japanese language pupils last week, as part of a wider push by the consular office of Japan to promote their national culture. The pupils from Burnside High School and Darfield High School were …