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Must-see space TV: Astronauts star in new network television series
— NASA astronaut Mike Massimino is back on “The Big Bang Theory” in a new episode of the hit CBS comedy, but he soon won’t be the only spaceman on network television. Massimino, a veteran of two actual space shuttle flights to upgrade the Hubble Space …
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The deterioration of television journalism
Lisa Myers, the veteran NBC News Senior Investigative Correspondent who left the network last year to “work on [her] golf game,” tells The Des Moines Register that the quality of television journalism is deteriorating: I think the primary mission of …
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“They’re here”: Television invades the home
Before widespread Internet access, television was a primary source of entertainment and information, giving the TV set a strange psychological significance in the home. It was a familiar object that brought in foreign ideas. Commanding attention from its …
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