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Vegetarian Diet, Other Healthy Diets may be Harmful to Environment
Mainly because these food groups have relatively high resource uses and greenhouse gas output (GHG). GHG emissions per calorie released into the atmosphere is not a positive effect. The study which was published in Environment Systems and Decisions …
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Vegetarian food on campus
Appalachian offers students many different opportunities to practice a vegetarian diet on campus. One Appalachian student, Amelia Heintz-Botz, published an article on Appalachian State University’s food services newsletter about her experience with …
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Vegetarian diets for pets put their health at risk warn experts
Pets are being put at risk by owners who feed them a vegetarian diet, experts have warned. Sales of meat-free pet foods are increasing by up to 25 per cent a year. But an unsuitable vegetarian diet for cats can lead to blindness, brain damage and even …
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