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cusineMaternal Vitamin B12 deficiency may increase risk of premature birth
Our body cannot produce Vitamin B12 itself, it is found only in animal products such as meat, milk and eggs. “In countries where vegetarian diets predominate, such as in India, the percentage of pregnant women with B12 deficiency can exceed two-thirds …
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Simple Homemade Vegetarian Ramen
You guys! I’m so excited to share this post with you! Because HELLO GORGEOUS! I had so much fun shooting this. Plus this recipe is absolutely divine. I must admit, I am a sucker for those cheap ramen packages. Granted I haven’t had one in 10+ years …

Vegetarian recipes for Meat Free May
A colourful and healthy meal. Turmeric and ginger are anti-inflammatory and therefore good for digestion, as is coconut oil, which metabolises well. Organic coconut oil is available to order alongside our veg boxes; it’s great for stir-fries and curries …
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