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Why Being A Vegetarian Will Be Easier In 2018
Tyson Foods is one of the biggest meat companies in the US and one of the main competitors in the industry for more than 80 years. Some meat purists’ eyebrows were raised when CEO Tom Hayes stated that the future of the meat industry lies with plant …
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The Impossible “Bleeding” Vegetarian Burger Debuts at Hell’s Kitchen
The Impossible Burger, the ultimate fake-out in meat-free, meaty eating has been making headlines as it debuts across the country and it has finally arrived in the Twin Cities. Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. The Impossible Burger is engineered …
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Vegetarian Tasting Menu by Chef Divesh Aswani
If you’ve ever had trouble choosing a restaurant because of limited vegetarian options, this dinner is especially for you! Join Head Chef Divesh Aswani and Team Mag Street for our first 6 course all vegetarian tasting menu dinner which is guaranteed to …


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