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Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine
My guy and I walk into Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine on a sunny spring day, looking for a reward. After a two hour hike through the Don Valley trail system, I have mud on my mary-janes, birdsong in my ears and a rumbling hunger in my belly. Green Earth …
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Vegetarian and Kosher
Q. Is all vegetarian food kosher? A. Unfortunately, supposed vegetarian food is sometimes not even vegetarian. Restaurants, pizza shops and fast food outlets which focus on meat (obviously t’refah i.e. unkosher) often purport to offer vegetarian options …
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IIT-Bombay’s new rule of eating non-vegetarian meals in separate plates due to ‘religious concerns’ irks students
IIT-Bombay has made a new rule in its canteen. Non-vegetarian students have been slapped with a rule to eat meat in small sized plastic trays rather than in the regular hostel’s steel plates. The directive came by a student council who was in charge of …
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