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A history of video game console failures
The history of console gaming is littered with high-profile flops, middling also-rans and vaporware never-weres. In fact, the stories of console failures are perhaps even more compelling than the tales of those companies that crossed the finish line.
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‘Video Game High School’ Creators Developing ‘Field of Fire’ Modern Warfare Game
Rocket Jump Studios, the guys who brought you “Video Game High School,” are currently developing an action-packed video game due to popular demand from VGHS fans. Enter “Field of Fire,” a modern battlefield warfare game where you take part in …

Psychologists Prove That Video Games Are Good For You
The flagship journal of the American Pyschology Association, American Pyschologist, has recently published an article that summarizes a decade of video games research titled The Benefits of Playing Video Games. The article is a meta-analysis of multiple …
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