Live Movie Concerts A Cash Cow for Orchestras

Live Movie Concerts A Cash Cow for Orchestras
A few weeks ago, 5,000 people in London’s Royal Albert Hall cheered “Interstellar” after it unspooled with a full orchestra playing Hans Zimmer’s powerful score in its entirety. This story first appeared in the April 28, 2015 issue of Variety.
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Do the Twin Cities need 2 orchestras?
Both the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra are in the middle of negotiating new contracts with their musicians. Both organizations face multi-million dollar deficits, and no one involved in the talks expects quick resolution.

Music to their ears, and fingertips: Orchestras use new technology to expand their audiences
They don’t require a bow, a reed, a mouthpiece or a mallet, but today’s mobile devices have become an important instrument for the Stamford Symphony Orchestra in its efforts to not only attract new supporters, but also better engage the audience it already …
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