Motocross at Hartford Fair

1407468879036-new-080714-motocross-fair-08mlMotocross at Hartford Fair
Motocross at Hartford Fair Dylon Graham, right, of Zanesville, tries to hold a lead against Newark’s Jordan Barnes in the 122-250 C Group 2 race Thursday night at the Hartford Fair. Barnes finished the race in first. Check out this story on newarkadvocate …
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The Average Salary for Professional Motocross Riders
Professional motocross riders are athletes who have advanced to the highest level of competition in this risky but exhilarating sport. They are considered outstanding athletes with exceptional physical abilities, endurance and competitive instincts, among …

Oklahoma Motocross Champion Dies After Crash
Chad Givens, 28, suffered a critical head injury after wrecking his motorcycle during a practice lap at the Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in Norman on October 6. Doctors at OU Medical Center took Givens off life-support this past Friday. Givens was a …
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