New Orleans’s 93-Year-Old Chef Is Still Shaping Creole Cuisine

cusineNew Orleans’s 93-Year-Old Chef Is Still Shaping Creole Cuisine
Outside Dooky Chase Restaurant. All photos by Rebecca Ratliff. Inside the New Orleans restaurant Dooky Chase, the hallway from the dining room to the kitchen is left open to customers’ prying eyes. If they’re lucky, as they get up for another plate of …

Louisiana Chef Paul Prudhomme, Who Popularized Cajun And Creole Food, Dies
Paul Prudhomme, the internationally renowned Louisiana chef who popularized Cajun and Creole cuisine around the world, died Thursday morning. He was 75. It’s hard to overstate Prudhomme’s influence on Cajun and Creole food. JoAnn Clevenger, owner of …
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Creole Cuisine’s Roots
To the Editor: Your Feb. 20 article, “In Creole Kitchens,” by Julia Reed, returned readers to a quaint era of folk belief when Creole cuisine and its creators were believed to be of European ancestry, French mostly. As a metro columnist for The Times …
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