New Recipe: Sushi Bake

cusineNew Recipe: Sushi Bake
Wait, I know, it doesn’t sound right. Sushi is supposed to be cold right? Well this turns that idea on its head, and it tastes great! The flavors of sushi are definitely distinctive but this manages to keep them all in and keeps it delicious! All the …

Beautiful, Edible Compositions of Mosaic Sushi
Variations on traditional Japanese sushi like temari-zushi and maki-zushi have inspired chefs and artists alike to create edible works of art that are meant to be devoured by our eyes as much as our mouths. The latest new style borrows from the ancient …

Free sushi offered today at P.F. Chang’s, but there’s one hitch
The Asian-themed P.F. Chang’s restaurant is offering sushi today at everyone’s favorite price point: Free. The one-day promotion (Thursday only) is available at all six North Texas locations. The only hitch: it’s for dine-in customers only (no to-go …
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