Tough times ahead for US orchestras

musicTough times ahead for US orchestras
The US has no shortage of orchestras and classical concerts are often well-attended. So why do the doom-mongers insist the long-term outlook is bleak? On a warm summer evening at Ontario Beach, a few minutes before concert time, the crowds might seem to …
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Tokyo’s Big Eight Orchestras Flash Bigtime Qualities
TOKYO – There are 1,600 professional and amateur orchestras in Japan, which occupies a land area smaller than the state of California yet contains a population equal to about 40 percent of the United States. Put another way, Japan averages one orchestra …

5 Bizarre Dark Sides to Modern Orchestras
Most people think of the orchestra as a hoity-toity elevator music club invented for your granny’s listening pleasure. And while it’s true that most members of their audiences are probably knocking on death’s door, playing in one must still be an honorable …


Southshire Battle Cats: Five roller derby facts to stay ahead of the pack

sportSouthshire Battle Cats: Five roller derby facts to stay ahead of the pack
MANCHESTER CENTER, VT. — Grab your pads and your best bleacher creature yell — it’s roller derby time. Thinking about rolling over to the see the Southshire Battle Cats take the track against the Twin City Riots from Barre-Montpelier on Saturday, July 30?
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Roller Derby Players Roll into Croghan
Story Updated: Jul 31, 2016 at 11:21 PM EDT Blocking, jamming, and the occasional tumble. It’s part of playing the sport of roller derby. “It’s rough it’s definitely not for the faint of heart it’s very much an athletic sport,” Nicole Lee, captain of the …
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Festa Major 2016: Gràcia’s big party!
In C/Perla check out the Roller Derby (7pm) tease, and in Plaça del Diamant (known as Plaça del Swing these days) you can dance the lindy hop at 10pm. Kids will have a great time with the inflatable pool set up in Espai Joanic (from 11am). Kids can work …
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Connect to Congress: Protest, politics, and pastime ahead of break

trendConnect to Congress: Protest, politics, and pastime ahead of break
The U.S. House of Representatives will head out for a week of recess in just a few days. House Democrats are saying not so fast, however. They’re calling on Congress to stay in session until gun legislation is voted on in that chamber, staging a sit-in on …
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Blame It on Rio: Politics, Propaganda, and the Weaponization of the Olympics
The decision by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to ban the Russian track and field team from competing in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is as much about politics as it is about doping and fair play. Indeed, while the …
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Capital Link’s McGonegal: Brexit Is All About Politics
June 23 — Brett McGonegal, chairman and chief executive officer at Capital Link International, discusses the U.K. referendum and its impact on markets. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Rosalind Chin, Juliette Saly, Yvonne Man and David Ingles on “Asia Edge.”


KPop Boy Band A-JAX Change Member Lineup Ahead Of Planned 2016 Promotions In

musicKPop Boy Band A-JAX Change Member Lineup Ahead Of Planned 2016 Promotions In
In January, the iconic K-pop girl group KARA disbanded after nearly a decade together. Only youngest member Heo Youngji remains under DSP Media. A-JAX debuted under DSP Media in 2012 as a seven member act, with the song “One 4 You.” They last …
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Watch Jack Black’s Insane Attempts at KPop on Korean Game Show
The above video features a bizarre take on “Name That Tune” where Black applies his Dio-esque pipes and zero understanding of the Korean language to hit K-pop songs. The Infinite Challenge gang must then guess what song Black is delivering, …

EXO Advertises New KPop Themed Ramen?
It has been rumored that EXO, the Korean supergroup, is coming out with new products for their fans. E-Mart, the largest retailer in South Korea, is collaborating with SM Entertainment to come up with K-Pop-themed products. A photo of the “EXO Stir-fry …
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Olympic team players confident ahead of Algeria clash

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Olympic team players confident ahead of Algeria clash
Zamalek winger Mahmoud Kahraba expressed his optimism in the team’s ability to win the tournament, which acts as the CAF qualifier for the Olympic football tournament. “Our focus is to win the Cup and not just qualify for the Olympics,” Kahraba said in …
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Nonviolent activism around the Olympic Games: History and lessons learned
A Tiananmen Square-themed Olympic logo. Creative Commons. Some rights reserved.Bringing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to act on human rights has been the product of decades of international and local resistance, from boycotting South …
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For Rio de Janiero 2016 Olympics, Brazil’s auditor worried about border security
RIO DE JANEIRO – A government watchdog said Wednesday that “flaws” in Brazil’s border security are a “big concern” heading toward next year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Augusto Nardes, a government auditor, told a news conference organized by …
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