Nine Sacramento craft beers you really ought to taste

Nine Sacramento craft beers you really ought to taste
If you’ve come across my Twitter feed lately, you already know I’ve had some superb beers from multiple sources. I encourage you to give some or all of these a try: Denali Pale Ale, New Helvetia: The folks at New Helvetia were excited about these …
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You can’t buy America’s most popular craft beer in Texas
Montana lawmakers in February defeated a proposal to allow craft brewers with a tasting room to raise production from 10,000 to 60,000 barrels annually. They defeated another bill that would have allowed brewers to own up to three retail licenses.
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Craft beers brewing up a storm
THE craft beer industry in Ireland is thriving in a time of national recession. Over half of the country’s existing 37 breweries and cider makers have been set up since 2009. But they are backed with a tradition of craft brewing that is embedded in the …
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Your craft beer isn’t as independent as you think
Beer drinkers are turning to craft beer brands more than ever before. But so are the massive corporate brewers that those customers are trying to avoid. Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD)’s plans to buy SABMiller (SBMRF) is getting lots of attention, since the …
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Craft beers are showing up in cans, clearing the way for it to be served in more places
Grandpa’s beer cans are back. Mass-produced beer such as Coors Light and Budweiser have long been sold in aluminum cans. Now, connoisseurs of craft beer, which traditionally have sided with bottles, are putting more cans in their hands. “It’s hard to …
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15 Craft Beers You Need To Try Before You Die
There are thousands of breweries in the US making amazing, boundary pushing beer. If you can get your hands on any of these fifteen craft beers, you should hold on and never let go (except when you’re done drinking one and you need to grab another).
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Beer Drinkers Ranked These Craft Beers As The Best Of The Class

Beer Drinkers Ranked These Craft Beers As The Best Of The Class
Craft beer is an acquire taste. The bitterness of an over-hopped IPA or the coffee and vanilla hints of a brash porter don’t lend themselves to guzzling, like shot-gun-able cans of Natty Ice or Beast. They’re for savoring, pairing with food, and, yes …
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Top 10 Affordable Craft Beers
Let’s suppose, for a moment, that you’re the kind of lady or gentleman who likes an ice cold beer before a football game. The only problem is, if you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered that drinking beer can be a horribly expensive habit …

The biggest new trends in craft beer
The IPA’s reign as the king of the Great American Beer Festival – and craft beer in general – is in no danger … Scott Whitley, president and CEO of MillerCoors’ Tenth and Blake division, told Fortune he planned to give sours a closer look this year …
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Australian Brewery to start sending its Aussie-style beers to the United States
Not to confuse anyone else who already thought they knew what was Australian for beer, but the Australian Brewery says it will start shipping its Aussie-style beer from down under to, um, up over (?) here in the United States. Australian …

2017 Beer Report: Imported beers performed best in 2016
The trades taking place on Wall Street often can come with a sense of urgency and anxiety for brokers and their respective clients. However, consumers also are opting to trade up when it comes to their beer selection. With its premium positioning and …

Ask The Experts: 5 Best Beers According To Brewers
San Diego is Mecca for beer lovers. Whether you find yourself downtown, walking through Ocean Beach, or up north of Miramar driving around the sprawling office parks you’ll find yourself perpetually surrounded by brewers both big and small.


Nine beers many Americans no longer drink

cusineNine beers many Americans no longer drink
A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Beer is not selling the way it used to. U.S. sales of the beverage declined in four of the past five years. Between 2007 and 2012, beer sales fell by 2.3%, or more than 4.8 million barrels. This overall drop in …
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Our dining tables would be a lot poorer without Independent off-licences
The shop is in a lovely location with a view of the sea and has a very fine collection of wines, beers and spirits including wines they bring in themselves. They also stock cheeses, chocolates and some other goodies (I bought some excellent glasses here …
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MadTree 2.0 grand opening will be a 14-hour party with more than 70 beers
CINCINNATI — MadTree is officially opening its new “2.0” brewery and taproom with a 14-hour party featuring more than 70 beers, live music, and bites from local food trucks and restaurants. The grand opening starts at 11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 11 and lasts …
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“Blending Beers At Home”

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“Blending Beers At Home”
Some years ago, at a beer festival, I saw a brewer blend a couple of his own beers. To my best recollection, the mix was two ales, perhaps a “bitter” and a stronger, sweeter beer. This intrigued me. While mixing beers was not unknown to me – I had …
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The 25 beers you need to drink this Fall
We rounded up beer experts from around the country to give their picks for the 25 you need to drink before Winter, from Oktoberfests, to pumpkin ales, to the vegetable beers your mother would be oh-so-proud of you for drinking. Live Oak Oaktoberfest …

The 12 Best Pumpkin Beers
For a while there, we were worried about the state of pumpkin beers. Over the last few years, many brewers simply dumped a bunch of baking spices into a vat of boring amber ale and slapped a jack-o-lantern on the label. But we’re happy to report that …
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cusineThe 6 Best Beers From Feast in Portland
At last weekend’s gourmet food and drink festival, Feast, in Portland, Oregon, the Base Camp Brewing Company server laid down a dish full of vanilla-bourbon marshmallows next to a butane torch. He plucked out one of the squares, flipped on the torch and …

Fall is here, and so are the fall beers
Fall is a great time of year, the leaves start changing colors, it cools off enough at night to open up your windows, football is on TV, and new TV shows and some of our favorites are up and running. During this time, it’s a great opportunity for you to …
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Here’s what the Northern Quarter looked like in 1997
Dark and cool in the summer, warm and cosy in the winter. A great little bar, with a decent selection of bottled beers, backed up by a homely kitchen. Address: 36 High Street A former Yates’s Wine Lodge and still owned by the bar chain when it became the …
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Most U.S. beers to get calorie and ingredient labels

cusineMost U.S. beers to get calorie and ingredient labels
(CNN)The most popular alcoholic beverage in America is about to get all health-conscious: Most beer brewers are voluntarily including freshness dating, calories, nutritional details and an ingredients list on their labels. The goal for brewers and …
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Calorie Labels: They’re Not Just for Light Beers Anymore
Beer brewers are being asked to share nutritional information on labels, but what does the move really mean? Light beers are in the business of touting their low calories on their label. But you may soon find more beer makers slapping calorie counts on …
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12 Beers of Summer @ Gladstone Hotel
Don your ugliest Hawaiian shirt and cozy up with a beer (or 12) at our all-night party. We’ve gathered a long list of our favourite breweries who will all descend on the Gladstone Hotel on Friday July 29th, where they’ll be pouring glasses of good cheer in …
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Global brewers push local beers to quench African palates

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Global brewers push local beers to quench African palates
KAMPALA/NAIROBI (Reuters) – International brewers in Africa are expanding their production of beers based on local ingredients, snapping up craft brewers and introducing more brands as low-cost beers gain popularity on the fast-growing but still poor …
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Belgian brew is true ‘Champagne of beers’
Belgian brew is true ‘Champagne of beers’ “The Champagne of Beers” is the frequently-used marketing slogan for the mass-produced, American Pilsner-like beer known as Miller High Life. You have to admit it is catchy motto, even if it is not entirely …
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When Bands Brew Beers
Call me simple, but on a Saturday in San Diego, my day is made when just two things come together: beer and bands. And when those bands have a hand in that beer (kind of literally?), well spin me around and call me Fred, because the time to tap is now.
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cusineInside the Underhanded Effort to Unseat Craft Beer in Seattle
To keep his 24 taps rotating with quality, independent beers, he pays two of his bartenders to work extra hours as “beer buyers”—good work if you can get it—who go out into the state’s exploding craft-beer community and seek the best of what’s …
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Ohio brewers can make boozier beers; Kasich signs bill into law
John Kasich signed House Bill 37 into law on Tuesday, scrapping the cap on alcohol content for beer that’s been on the books since just after Prohibition. Ohio legislators followed the lead of other states in voting to get rid of the 12 percent cap to make …
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New craft brewery uncapped in Chilliwack
“We want to be Chilliwack’s brewery. We’re gonna keep this small, with craft-centric, hand-made specialty beers,” Quaite said. They’ve been working with Fraser Valley farmers to find and forage local ingredients for the recipes. They’re also …
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