Gluten-Free Tuesday: Savory Greek pastry bites, perfect party dish

cusineGluten-Free Tuesday: Savory Greek pastry bites, perfect party dish
When I am the one hosting a party, I get to choose all the foods I personally adore. This is one of the many reasons I really like entertaining. I love Greek food but, being gluten-free, I often can’t indulge in some of my old favorites. However …
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Food beat: 27 Live is dead
He’s planning to switch the cuisine to Greek street food and call the restaurant Yeero Revolution. No word yet on an opening date, and his plan to take over the existing special use permit still requires approval by city staff.
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Opa! Niles’ Big Greek Food Fest Next Week
Niles’ annual Greek feast, the Big Greek Food Fest at Holy Taxiarhai & St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church, takes place next week. The event, the church’s largest fundraiser, includes music and dancing, a bazaar selling religious and other items …
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Bill’s Bites: Warming up the holidays at Brownstone

cusineBill’s Bites: Warming up the holidays at Brownstone
The rich, creamy cheesecake filling did not disappoint, with the toasted coconut flavor on top coming through and giving it a slight crunch. Add a layer of graham-cracker crust to the party and including this dessert with your cup of coffee is like …
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Give a Cincinnati gift to your favorite foodie
They package it in a special tin along with a sample of cascara, the pulp of the coffee cherries, dried and used as a tea. ($ 19) Look for it at their Oakley coffee shop, Rohs St. … They also have a gift set of three Ethiopian coffees, and there’s …

Nitro Coffee and Cookies, Please
This is nitro coffee, a cold brew infused with odorless, flavorless nitrogen gas. It’s kegged like a beer and served on tap here and at forward-thinking coffee houses around the country. (Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Texas was one of the first to offer …

Buckeye Bites: Vegetarian

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Buckeye Bites: Vegetarian
“When I became vegetarian myself, there wasn’t anything out there for me to eat that satisfied my taste buds and that satisfied me nutritionally as well,” she said. “When I realized I wasn’t being catered to, I realized that people who have arthritis …
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Take These Vegetarian Lunch Sandwiches To Work And Stay Healthy
However, with the increasing risks of obesity and other related diseases, everyone is encouraged to include these organic produce to their meals. And having vegetarian sandwiches for lunch at work can be a good start as they say, vegetarian diet is …
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3 Tips for Vegetarian Travelers
Vegetarian diets are becoming more and more commonplace as the years go on – in fact, a 2008 Vegetarian Times study suggests that 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians, while 22.8 million follow a vegetarian-inclined diet. Making the most of a new …
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Bites & Sips – Face lifts for old faves, a vegetarian option

cusineBites & Sips – Face lifts for old faves, a vegetarian option
Bites & Sips – Face lifts for old faves, a vegetarian option. The 2 Bros Coastal Cuisine food truck keeps customers at Flytrap Brewing well fed on Tuesday nights. Buy Photo Paul Stephen/StarNews. By Paul Stephen …

A Borscht for Vegetarians That’s Light and Comforting
I wanted to make a lighter, vegetarian version of hot borscht. But I also wanted my soup to have the kind of depth of flavor that a meaty backdrop provides, without overpowering the winelike, heady flavor of the beets. So, as I often do when faced with …
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Chef & Brewer’s surprise after dish tops list of meals vegetarian customers
A national pub chain’s drive to add more vegetarian dishes to its menu has found customers want….beans on toast. The Chef & Brewer chain says it is keen to tap into the fact that people are eating less meat by adding tasty and exciting new vegetable …
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