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Commercial brewing vs. homebrewing
This week, Chad and Ben wrote about the fun they had at the Shmaltz Brewing Company grand opening party. I, too, was there, but instead of writing about beers and such, I’ll tell you about thoughts sparked by the event. First, I want to share a link to a …
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Colorado brewery supercharges Perrin Brewing’s rise
COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. — A young brewery here that pioneered the grapefruit IPA and created a top-flight imperial porter has experienced supercharged growth since Colorado’s second-largest craft brewery acquired it. Randy Perrin co-founded Perrin …
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Burnt City Brewing blossoms from the ashes of Atlas Brewing
Atlas Brewing Co. had a problem. Actually, it had two problems. The first was increasingly common in an ever-crowded craft beer industry: a naming dispute. In 2012, a Washington, D.C., brewery called Atlas Brew Works filed paperwork toward trademarking its …
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Is Minnesota brewing a craft beer bubble?

cusineIs Minnesota brewing a craft beer bubble?
Craft brewing used to be quaint. Its brewers were humble artisans. Its beer was a congenial good, like hand-knit mittens or organic squash. Then the gold rush hit. Minnesota is a boomtown. Growth of 355 percent over five years. Breweries opening at a rate …
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First draft: ‘Tis the season for holiday beers
“Every year as the years march on, it seems to me that holiday beers are more prolific,” said Julia Herz, craft-beer program director at the Brewers Association and publisher of Although there is no specific Christmas/holiday beer style …
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Holiday Craft Bottle Swap at the Young Avenue Deli
Beer nerd/Young Avenue Deli assistant manager Tessa Pascover describes the Deli’s Holiday Craft Bottle Swap: “I’m gonna bring my collectibles. You’re going to bring your collectibles. And if you’ve got something I want, and I’ve got something you want …
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Latest Brewing News

cusinePick Six: Odell Brewing Founder Doug Odell
Inspired by flavorful beers with discerning ingredients, Doug Odell (along with wife Wynne and sister Cookie) launched Odell Brewing Co. back in 1989 with the promise to make honest, real, and creative renditions of the beer styles that moved him.

Gluten Free Home Brewing – dedicated GF Homebrew Shop – Free Amber Rice Malted Cereal with Order
A notable percentage of people have some motivation to reduce or completely eliminate gluten intake. Reasons vary from dietary choice to gluten sensitivity to serious medical conditions including auto-immune diseases like Celiac Disease. This may …

It’s likely to be a crowded winter in the dining room at Goshen Brewing Co., but a new larger outdoor space will likely sprout starting in the spring. The brewery announced this week a likely expansion of the outdoor parts of its operation. On the west …
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Left Hand Brewing, Goose Island and Girls Pint Out events March 7-11

cusineLeft Hand Brewing, Goose Island and Girls Pint Out events March 7-11
Left Hand Brewing enters the New Orleans market with an after-midnight Sunday roll-out of beers. Left Hand is based in Longmont, Colorado and is known for its flagship Milk Stout, which also comes in a Nitro version. Packaging beer with nitrogen gives …
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Women of vision learn about brewing
The Women of Vision in Altoona got to learn a little about the brewing industry when Megan McKay, owner of Peace Tree Brewery, came to speak to the group. Being one of the only female owners of a brewery in the state, McKay has made her mark on the …

Prodigio machine brings app-connected smarts to Nespresso’s pod coffee brewing
[MUSIC] We’re at the Home and Houseware Show 2016 in Chicago, taking a look at the Nespresso Prodigio, connected espresso machine. This device is the first connected and app controlled coffee maker that Nespresso has introduced. It allows you to brew …
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Family-run High Plains Brewing opens in downtown Laurel

cusineFamily-run High Plains Brewing opens in downtown Laurel
LAUREL – Dave and Levi Bequette fully realized this town’s thirst for craft beer after their newest project, High Plains Brewery, was delayed. The father-son duo had hoped to open last summer, but federal permitting took longer than expected. Customers …
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Beer class is not in session
The growing number of craft breweries has prompted some colleges and universities to offer certificate programs on how to brew beer and on the business aspects of running a brewery. South College offers such a program in the Knoxville area; Adams is a …
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Silver Lake Brewing Project: ‘2016 is the year’
After more than three years from inception to near-fruition, Pilar McKay, Ryan Fitzsimmons and Tony Jones say the Silver Lake Brewing Project is about to open. “We’ve been at it for three years and people started to say ‘when is it happening? Are you …
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Celebrity chef’s new book documents brewing with Edmonds’ brewery

cusineCelebrity chef’s new book documents brewing with Edmonds’ brewery
Knowing that craft beer is a big hit in America, celebrity chef Simon Majumdar knew he needed a chapter on an American microbrewery for his new book project, a look at American food culture from an outsider.
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Marguerite Patten, Whose Wartime Austerity Lessons Made Her a Celebrity Chef
Patten would remain the program’s resident chef for the next decade, a position that earned her recognition as one of the world’s first-ever “celebrity chefs,” a distinction she vehemently protested. “I AM NOT,” she told The Telegraph in 2011. “To the …
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Celebrity Chef dinner at Next Key Center in Novato
Celebrity Chef dinner events at the Next Key Center are celebrity-infused culinary demonstrations, full of great fun and many cooking tips. It offers a chance to be up close and personal to many of the Bay Area’s great chefs and famous restauranteurs …
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