JustSpotted: Website Stalks Celebrities In Real-time

JustSpotted: Website Stalks Celebrities In Real-time
Knowing what your favorite celebrity is up to at any given moment will get easier next Tuesday when JustSpotted, a near real-time celebrity stalking site launches. Created by Scoopler–makers of a now defunct real-time search engine–JustSpotted aggregates …
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11 pregnant celebrities who’ve posed nude
Expectant mom Jessica Simpson got everyone’s attention this week when she stripped down for the cover of Elle magazine, showing off her beautiful bump. The 31-year-old singer may be the latest pregnant celeb to go nude, but she certainly isn’t the first.
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Baby-Faced Celebrities Who Are Actually in Their 40s
There’s something in the water in Hollywood, because the concept of aging — wrinkles, gray hairs, and finally letting yourself eat cheesecake — is nonexistent. While us mere mortals can’t fight crow’s feet to save our lives, these 18 celebrities …
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Trump: I don’t want celebrities at the inauguration

Trump: I don’t want celebrities at the inauguration
President-elect Donald Trump claims he doesn’t want celebrities at his inauguration, tweeting Thursday night that he wants “the people” to attend the event instead. “The so-called “A” list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but …
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Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Republicans
If you’re a celebrity, odds are that you are a rank-and-file Democrat. Rumor is that you haven’t earned your “Official Member of Hollywood Elite” card until you’ve been invited to one of George Clooney‘s Democratic fundraisers. But there are a …
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Celebrities React to Brussels Terrorist Attacks
It has been reported that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Brussels. According to an ISIS-affiliated website, ISIS “carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices” in “the Belgian capital Brussels, a country …
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Celebrities beg Republican electors: Don’t vote Trump

Celebrities beg Republican electors: Don’t vote Trump
It is meant to be a heartfelt appeal from some of the US’s most recognisable faces. Actors Martin Sheen and Debra Messing are joined by a host of other celebrities – including musician Moby – to ask Republican electors to not cast their vote for President …
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Celebrities Who Married Regular People [PHOTOS]
While fans love to ship their favorite celebrity couples, we also love when celebs find love with non-famous people. George Clooney recently made headlines when he married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, which got us thinking that there are a lot of …
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Celebrities Still Fail To Disclose Instagram Ads
Dozens of celebrities who hawk products on Instagram still fail to adequately disclose that their endorsements are paid ads, despite receiving reminders from the Federal Trade Commission earlier this year, according to watchdogs. “The FTC’s reminder …
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Should celebrities promote charities?

Should celebrities promote charities?
While some forms of celebrity advocacy have propagated powerful economic, social and political interests, celebrities such as Bono have developed international policies to alleviate poverty and facilitate indigenous peoples’ rights of self-determination.
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Female Celebrities Cheat Too!
Former NFL star and “Today Show” correspondent Tiki Barber has become the latest male celebrity embroiled in a cheating scandal. Like Tiger Woods and Jesse James before him, Tiki will be subjected to intense media scrutiny and heavily criticized by women …
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13 Celebrities in Thong Bikinis
This summer may be hotter than ever, but no need to blame the rising temperatures; instead, look no further than this summer’s hottest trend: the thong bikini! Countless celebrities have bared their behinds with this sexy trend, showing the rest of us …
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employee_transportation2Cyber Celebrities Monetize Their Fame With Taobao
Ava Foo is almost famous. Although she has never starred in a blockbuster movie, doesn’t have a hit single to point to, and won’t be competing in this summers Olympics, the 29-year-old Shanghai resident, has amassed some 320,000 followers on Chinese …
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Most dangerous cyber celebrities of 2016
Intel has reeled off the 10 th annual McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities list based on likelihood of getting hit with a virus or malware when searching on the celebs’ names. Consumers today remain fascinated with celebrity culture and, go online to find …
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Should Celebrities Have Privacy? A Response to Jennifer Lawrence
In a recent AP story, actress Jennifer Lawrence had some rather extensive and passionate quotes about her loss of privacy. Not too long ago, Lawrence’s nude photos were stolen and leaked on the Internet by a hacker who hacked into her iCloud account.
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trendThese 37 Celebrities Never Drink Alcohol
You tryna be tricky? That email doesn’t look right. When most people think about the lives of celebrities, champagne-soaked parties usually come to mind. What, with all of the parties, after-parties, and hotel lobbies, it’s not crazy to think that all …
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9 celebrities making money off your liquor shelf
That dedication and direct access to consumers explains why alcohol brands are choosing to hook up with celebrities. Already a popular practice in the beverage industry, the pace of endorsements and investments by famous names has accelerated in recent …
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3-Minute Read: 14 Celebrities Who Look Even More Gorgeous Without Makeup
Welcome to 3-Minute Read, your midweek rundown of everything we’re talking about at Byrdie HQ. Every Wednesday, we’ll get you up-to-date on the beauty news you need to know—in only three minutes. 2. This is what it’s really like to tattoo your brows.
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trend13 times celebrities had a very bad case of TMI
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest 0shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest 0shares In the increasingly media-trained world, it’s never not funny when a celebrity has an accidental case of TMI (that’s Too Much …
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Celebrities Who Endorse Political Parties Are Sacrificing For The Future Of The Industry -Edem
Musicians and celebrities have joined the frenzied Political atmosphere by throwing their weight behind one Political Party or the other. This move by some musicians has drawn disenchantment from fans and some industry players alike. Contrary to popular …
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9 celebrities making money off your liquor shelf
That dedication and direct access to consumers explains why alcohol brands are choosing to hook up with celebrities. Already a popular practice in the beverage industry, the pace of endorsements and investments by famous names has accelerated in recent …
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Lesbian Sex Stories Of Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities

trendLesbian Sex Stories Of Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities
As a celebrity, your life is pretty much always on display.. whether you want it to be or not. Where you buy your avocados? TMZ is covering it. Who you went to lunch with last week? TMZ is covering it. Who you’re sleeping with, or have ever slept with?
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Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Errol Morris Highlight Documentary Line-Up For NY Film Festival
But unlike today’s newly minted celebrities, they are both open books. After six decades of screen and stage stardom; a couple of disastrous marriages and assorted financial ups and downs for Reynolds; and, for Fisher, well-publicized drug addiction …
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Celebrities coming to Barrie for fundraiser
The inaugural Celebrity Slo-Pitch for Easter Seals kids will take place on Thursday, Sept. 15 at the Barrie Community Sports Complex in Midhurst. Celebrities confirmed to attend include sportscaster Ken Reid, former NHLers Al Iafrate, Tom Fergus and Ric …
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Taylor Swift is #1 on Star Mag’s 35 ‘most hated celebrities’ list: fair or no?

Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts - Arrivals Featuring: Taylor Swift Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 28 Feb 2016 Credit: WENN.com **Not available for publication in Germany**Taylor Swift is #1 on Star Mag’s 35 ‘most hated celebrities’ list: fair or no?
It’s time for Star Magazine’s annual (semi-annual?) “Most Hated Celebrities” list. Gwyneth Paltrow once topped this list, much to her chagrin, but Goop will be happy to know that she fell pretty far on this year’s list. This year’s list is …
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Can you guess celebrities’ real names?
Many stars are better known by their stage names, but do you know what name they were born under? Let’s find out what these stars’ real names are, starting with Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for HBO The actress/comedian/TV host …
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Barry column celebrities
RIO DE JANEIRO — In a moment I will bring you an Olympic news update, but first you will want to hear about my celebrity encounter. This happened in Ipanema, the famous Rio beach neighborhood immortalized in the song “The Girl from Ipanema,” in which …
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Saskatoon celebrities hope to match your #CBCPumpkin skills

trendSaskatoon celebrities hope to match your #CBCPumpkin skills
… Benjamins @oh_maurice and children’s performer Sylvia Chave @sylviachave have promised to bring their sharpest skills to the contest. We have kept the team’s compositions secret to the celebrity competitors to avoid any conspiratorial pumpkin planning.
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Celebrities with Michael Cera’s features ‘shopped onto them is scary
This is another one of those ‘We don’t know why it happened but we’re glad it did’ moments that the internet was made for. Imgur user williambeastly (liking the name) came up with the simple but brilliant idea of putting actor Michael Cera’s nose and …
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Politicians Who Probably Shouldn’t Have Gotten Mixed Up With These Celebrities
While plenty of celebrities are more than happy to give the candidate of their choice an endorsement, others are making sure their names stay far away from certain campaigns. The old saying goes that there’s no such thing as bad press. But when it …
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