Little League Baseball Changing Age Eligibility Date

sportLittle League Baseball Changing Age Eligibility Date
In an effort to better align itself with the International Baseball Federation and youth baseball globally, Little League Baseball says it is changing its age eligibility date from April 30 to Dec. 31. According to a statement from Little League Baseball …
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CIF will have pitch limits for baseball
similar to the rules similar to those used for years by youth baseball organizations, like Little League. The new rules limit pitches for one pitcher in a varsity game to 110. If the pitcher throws 30 pitches or less, they can pitch again the next day.
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Does Little League Baseball Make it Difficult for African Teams to Participate in the Little League World Series?
At Little League’s 2016 Europe-Africa Regional Tournament – the tournament to see which team would represent the region at the World Series in Williamsport, broadcast on ESPN – the following teams competed: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech …


At Engine 2® – we are changing the American diet for good

cusineAt Engine 2® – we are changing the American diet for good
Our Engine 2® Plant-Strong® products are an exclusive Whole Foods Market brand and are created to help … be rolling out in the next twelve months include a Firehouse Chili, a Moroccan Stew, two hot cereals, whole grain cheese-less pizzas, plant-strong …

Basics of Moroccan Food
Moroccan cooking, part Arab and part Berber, is not at all like the food of the Middle East. Its ingredients and cooking styles are unique; no other Arab country has such a rich and varied cuisine. In the south, you sense a strong African influence; in the …

The Barbary, London WC2: ‘It’s thrillingly alien: you’ve only the shakiest idea of what’s on offer’
We’re told The Barbary’s menu reflects the former Barbary Coast (Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia), which translates into a series of lyrical culinary arcana: mashawsha, sharabik, tcheba, zuzu and the magnificent nishnushim. The food more than lives …
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