Where Did Reggae Music Come From?

reggaeWhere Did Reggae Music Come From?
Reggae developed in the mid-20th Century in Jamaica, heavily influenced by traditional mento folk music, as well as blues and jazz from the United States. A monument dedicated to Bob Marley, one of the most well-known Reggae artists of all time, in …
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INTERVIEW: Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany on his reggae influences and big summer tour
This summer, the rock-reggae group Rebelution will headline an outdoor concert tour with Matisyahu, Collie Buddz and Zion I. The Santa Monica band, featuring Eric Rachmany on vocals/guitar, Rory Carey on keyboards, Marley D. Williams on bass and Wesley …
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Shaggy’s Top Reggae Tracks
It is an amazing fusion record because you’ve got the reggae feel, but it had the ability to capture an international audience and still give that same energy. Jimmy Cliff is an icon in the reggae game and it’s such a classic song that lasts to this …
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21 Global Vegan Dumpling Recipes That Prove Great Things Come in Small Packages

cusine21 Global Vegan Dumpling Recipes That Prove Great Things Come in Small Packages
Perhaps you think about the southern dish of chicken and dumplings that is considered classic comfort food. There are all kinds of dumplings. Every country on Earth has its own regional cuisine and one food that seems to be universal is the dumpling.
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Kosher, gluten-free, vegan: UD’s new food options
The University of Delaware Class of 2019 grew up watching the Food Network and dining out – especially at fast-casual restaurants. And college officials were getting more and more requests for foods prepared for those with dietary restrictions, such as …
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Are Eggs Without Eggs Still Eggs? Vegan Company Demands Investigation
That is at the heart of a mayonnaise controversy that has been whipped up by Hampton Creek, which makes vegan food and has a mayonnaise they want to sell as mayonnaise. But Federal law put a stop to just slapping a name on a fake product over 70 …
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175 Keyboardists Come out to Play on a West Village Block

music175 Keyboardists Come out to Play on a West Village Block
Performers stretched down the narrow block of Cornelia Street, as residents, tourists and a small media throng gathered to watch. The previous record was set in 2011 in Kerala, India, with 136 keyboardists. Aaron Friedman, the president of Make Music …
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All or Nothing: Rock & roll’s MVP keyboardist, Ian McLagan, was first and
Which would’ve sucked for the Small Faces. Spotting his photo in a magazine, the London Mod squad asked their manager Don Arden to replace outgoing keyboardist Jimmy Winston with McLagan. He fit perfectly, in ways far beyond being the same height.
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Daryl “Captain” Dragon & Toni Tennille, Former Beach Boy Keyboardists, Are
Tennille is probably most famous for being the only ‘Beach Girl’ as she toured as a keyboardist with the Beach Boys during the 70s. 73-year-old Tennille keeps fans updated via her blog and requested. In a recent update, the writer of the blog (whether …
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