MACS in second year of competitive swimming

MACS in second year of competitive swimming
Monticello Aquatic Club Seals, a year-round competitive swim team based in Napa, celebrated its second anniversary as a USA Swimming-registered club on May 3. MACS was founded in 2010 by the late Julian Szmidt, a longtime fixture in the Napa aquatic …
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OSAA state boys swimming: A late start to competitive swimming keeps Springfield’s decorated Carlos Hunnicutt fresh
GRESHAM – Many of the top swimmers at this year’s OSAA state meet first dove into competitive waters about the time they began to read. Carlos Hunnicutt never took as much as a swimming lesson while in elementary school. While growing up, the …
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Competitive Swimming Teams/Squads in Dubai
I am new to Dubai – arrived two weeks ago. Now that I am a little bit more settled I am keen to find squads for competitive swimming and training to avoid putting on the “Dubai Stone”! Ideally I am looking to join training sessions 2-3 times a week in a 25 …


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Competitive swimming keeps kids fit
It took a bit longer than most competitive swimmers for Chris Angerhofer to find his stride. But life in the pool has become his calling. His singular focus has been on becoming the best swimmer he can be. A Division I distance freestyle swimmer at South …
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Competitive Swimming Linked to Asthma in New Study
A new study titled, “Prevalence and characteristics of asthma in the aquatic disciplines” indicates that about 25% of competitive swimmers have asthma, and that this problem occurs more frequently in some parts of the world compared to others, or …

Michael Phelps returns to competitive swimming with second-place finish
MESA, Ariz. — A buzz ran through the crowd, an accumulation of murmurs and applause that drifted across the pool to where Michael Phelps stood. It was just loud enough to make the swimmer grin as he stepped onto the block. “You heard people starting to …
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