Some big-name SC chefs, all military veterans, will cook a meal for a cause

cusineSome big-name SC chefs, all military veterans, will cook a meal for a cause
Brandon Velie is the chef and owner of Juniper restaurant in Ridge Spring. He is also a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, having served four years as a cook after entering the military at age 18. Velie will partner with other military veteran chefs some with …
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Nonprofit that helps aspiring chefs fund school partners with Norfolk restaurant for event
At a fundraiser called Elementum, Norfolk restaurant Toast will showcase fine arts and fine cuisine. Via the Crop Foundation, the event will benefit the peers of the people who created the menu for it: high school students. “Half of them can cook better …

Flour + Water, Hawker Fare Chefs Popping Up at Stones Throw and More A.M Intel
Chef Carlos Altamirano (Parada) is bringing two new Peruvian eateries to the East Bay, the first of which is the fast-casual Paradita, coming to the Emeryville Public Market. Expect organic salads, grilled anticuchos (meat skewers), traditional Peruvian …
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Cook, eat and enjoy Moroccan dishes

cusineCook, eat and enjoy Moroccan dishes
Whether you are a foodie, cuisine fanatic or simple one who loves to explore nourishment, Silver Spoon Hospitality Academy (SSHA) is probably one of those places you can’t pass by. SSHA hosts casual cooking classes twice a month with each class based on …
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Think Again, Moroccan Cuisine Is Worth the Trip
As elsewhere, the food of Morocco begins with the landscape, and the country’s geography is far richer and more diverse than most people imagine. The image of this North African country as a parched place with fortified earthen villages and oases of date …
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Moroccan Food
Morocco is a land where Mediterranean and tropical fruits and vegetables are found in abundance. Sheep, cattle, poultry and seafood are available in plenty and are used as a base for cooking most of the popular dishes. Moroccan food is unique in that it …


Hold the chop suey: British fans of Chinese cuisine can now eat, and cook, the real thing

Chicken&Wine 2/09Hold the chop suey: British fans of Chinese cuisine can now eat, and cook, the real thing
Gloopy sweet and sour pork, chicken chop suey and fried rice were once Chinese dishes of choice in Britain. Fortunately, places serving these poorly made versions of Cantonese classics – and Western inventions – are now being rivalled by restaurants …
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Comfortable cuisine: Tahoe’s 10 best California lakefront dining options
TAHOE CITY, Calif. — Let’s face it. There is dining — and then there is waterfront dining. Whether it’s a glass of wine as the setting sun casts the lake in rosy hues, or a craft beer and a burger next to the babbling Truckee River, few experiences …
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Smart Cooking: Philippine cuisine shaped by many influences
There are always a few international cuisines in the panoply of food trends, and right now the spotlight in Asia is moving from Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula to the Philippines. And the product that is emblematic of that country’s food is banana ketchup.
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